The Journey begins...

The Journey begins...

There comes a time in everyone's life where they have to take the risk necessary to move up to the next stage in their career, finance, or life. I think mine has come, a time for me to be a better Software Engineer who is focused on solving problems by building amazing solutions.

I intend to achieve that through my participation in the HNG Internship 8, an internship known for bringing the best in people, testing their will and might, and pushing them to be a better version of themselves. My goal is to be hyper-focused, finish my tasks till the end, without ever thinking of giving up for the next 8 weeks.

What are my goals?

Through the HNG Internship 8, I would love to learn and improve my skills as a Frontend Software Engineer by:

  • Learning how to build pixel-perfect designs.
  • Learn effective communication.
  • Build up my skills in React and CSS through building real-life projects.
  • Polishing up my portfolio with projects I will build in this internship.
  • Learn how to be an effective team player.
  • Push myself beyond my limits
  • Discipline.

The above-listed points are my goals for this internship which I hope to finish and be part of the finalists.


Below is a list of beginner tutorials for anyone looking to get started in Tech either as a designer or a developer.