Resources to get started with Web developement.

Resources to get started with Web developement.

Hi there, welcome back to this amazing blog. Today we will we looking at some amazing resources that would get you started in Tech as a Software developer.

Back then.

When I started out my career in tech, it was really amazing getting to see what I would learn and become, but that amazing moment for me was cut short the moment I opened Google search and typed ' Websites to learn Web development', and that was when it dawned on me what I was getting myself into. So what was the issue? Well, the issue was that I had a ' Good news' and a ' Bad news'. The good news being there was millions of resources to choose from, and the Bad news was that I didn't know which one to choose from. Every human has their way and method of how they learn and spending months on a resource that would end up not giving you value is really sad. So this article is aimed at presenting if not the best but some of the best resources to get started in tech as a Software developer. Now go grab a pop-corn and some coke or beer if you prefer, and don't forget to get a notepad too.

This article is not to present you a Million option like Google did to me, but the tested and trusted few with good content and reputation to avoid you being confused in your learning path.


Free resources

Now this part will be presenting the best free resources to learn, since as a beginner, being hasty to spend money on a course may be really challenging since we even don't have information on which paid course is the best, and owing to the fact that some beginners may not be financially capable to do so at that time.

They include :

  • Frontend Masters Bootcamp - FrontendMasters is number 1 on my list if you are a visual person who needs to see it being done before you understand, I would advise you to attend this bootcamp. It really taught me what I know today, the teaching style of Jen Kramer and Brian Holt will leave you amazed, as you build stuff with them and even get tasks and assignment. You can never leave this Bootcamp the same as you entered.
  • Freecodecamp - This is another amazing resource targeted at beginners and you get to solve challenges as you progress, failure to do so, no promotion, and the sweetest thing is you get to build stuff and get certified.
  • CS50 - Get grounded in the concept of computer science as David J Malan walk you through the real meat of computer science and you get to build stuff along the whole course.
  • Traversy Media- This is one Youtube channel I recommend to beginners, this channel helps you not only to learn how to write code but also to be a critical thinker and problem solver. He taught me most of what I know today. So grateful.
  • Net Ninja- This also an amazing youtube channel for beginners as it takes you step by step towards mastery.

Yeah, that it, I am definitely not going to load you up like Google search. Lol.

Spoiler Alert: CS50 is more of a university-style of teaching, you will meet the real meat of computer science eye to eye, and you would almost want to give up, but hey please don't. Every free course I shared comes with project in the course to get your hands dirty, so be ready. Good luck.

Maybe you have few bucks to fling around, you wouldn't want to waste it buying some under-valued course, as well as not wasting your time and energy on free ones. Just to save your money and get the best as money is hard to come by, I will be giving you some best-paid resources to buy and learn. Here:

  • Frontend Masters - You must think I am addicted to this site right? well yeah, they are really good but don't confused, while their Bootcamp is free, the other resources are not, but it is worth every penny spent. You will learn many things in-depth. But be careful so you don't spend all your money there, because they are addictive due to their quality content.
  • Traversy Media Courses - Guess? Yes, you guessed right, this is the same person that maintains the youtube channel up there. But taking a look at his youtube channel and seeing those amazing content he put out there for free, now think how his paid courses would look like. You will be blown, trust me.
  • Wesbos - Wesbos is a boss, his website consists of both free and paid courses, so this is more like a one-time stop for all. Let me remind you that Wesbos was once nominated as the Best JavaScript Developer, I think he won.

    Yayy!! We have come to the end, these courses were picked based on quality, review, and personal experiences and I can tell you they are top-notch. I made a promise to keep them as small as possible, so you can plan your learning path well without being overwhelmed just like me when Google search threw Millions of resources right at me without a guide. But I am here for you. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter here if you have any questions. Go crush it, you got this.

    Thank you and Happy new year!!.